typedef int (*funcptr)();

An engineers technical notebook

About this technical notebook

This technical log/notebook was created by Bert JW Regeer and is mainly a way for Bert to keep track of various different technical matters in a way that could also help other people on the Internet by making his technical notes public.


The topics on this technical log are going to be entirely based around topics that come up in Bert's daily activities. This includes many different things, ranging from system administration tasks to software engineering/architecting. Bert currently works at a start-up and wears many hats throughout the day so many interesting tasks are put on his plate.

If you are interested in more information about anything posted, please do not hesitate to contact Bert. He is always willing to help people solve problems, and if something isn't clear in one of his posts he would like to fix it so that it can help more people.

The name

The name typedef void (*funcptr)(); comes from the C/C++ language where this creates a typedef for a function pointer. The function this can point to takes no arguments and returns void.